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A Dog Trained Well and HappyThis is a good question, and many people today believe that they don’t need to take their dogs to classes, or go through what is now thought of as the correct route to a better-behaved dog.

Many of you have probably seen TV shows highlighting problem dogs. In many cases these pet dogs have been allowed to 'get away with it', and although these programmes seem to show it takes an hour or so to resolve these issues, it doesn't. In some cases it is evident that certain behaviours can take months to correct.

Some owners are lucky, they pick up their puppy, take him home, and life is pretty much a bed of roses. Don’t be fooled, you may find that in the first couple of months you can’t quite believe your luck, but as your pup approaches the ‘teenage years’ (adolescence) they will prove more difficult to train, and this will become increasingly difficult to control. A responsible pet dog owner will provide their new addition with the correct training in order to avoid this from happening. When your dog does come into adolescence it is harder to bring them around to your way of thinking, and you can’t possibly ask your dog to do something if it has never been taught in the first place.

Years ago many different trainers carried out their training using methods that are not acceptable in today’s’ dog training, such as rolled up newspapers to correct bad behaviour, or choke (check) chains to stop your dog from pulling, or indeed pushing your dogs nose into its own faeces, all of these are frowned upon today and shouldn’t be practised.

Today’s training methods are reward based, whether it be a nice tasty treat, or a favourite toy, your dog will respond to these, therefore making your time with your dog a lot less frustrating and your dog more willing to oblige.

There are more and more Pet Dog Training options open to owners these days, and from a social aspect it is in the interest of the dog and owner to carry out a suitable training regime. You must also bear in mind that training isn’t something you take on for a couple of months, training your dog will be for life. This sounds very hard work, but trust us, as your dog starts to respond to different commands, you will notice the change and feel a lot more confident and in control, and because of this your training will become second nature.

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