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Black Tiny Harness
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The Tiny Perfect Fit Harness is an easy to fit walking harness for both dog and owner. Made from super soft, machine washable fleece padding that prevents the webbing straps or plastic clips from rubbing against your dog's skin when in motion.

The Tiny harnesses are designed for dog's with a girth measurement of between 24 cm's - 40 cm's. For example, tiny puppies and dogs

Each Tiny Perfect Fit Harness is made up of 2 separate pieces, the Top and Bottom. Each section clips together and are interchangeable. Having various options will ensure that you create a custom fit harness that offers support, comfortable padding and enjoyable walks.


Part Colour Size
Top Variety Size 1 and Size 3
Bottom Black Size 2, 4 and 6
For further advice on sizes for your dog, please see the Perfect Fit Harness Breed Size Guide


The Perfect Fit Harness is an excellent option for all dog's, but with any dog that has concerns about having a harness or any other training aid placed over their heads, this is an ideal option because you can fit the harness without putting it over your dogs head or the need to have them step into the harness.


With the Perfect Fit your dog is sure to feel at ease, as this harness can help to offer reassurance to any dog with mild anxieties. These harnesses have been found to be very beneficial in many rescue centre's with recently rehomed dog's, aswell as with dog's showing various behavioural concerns.

Due to the Perfect Fit being fitted as explained above, you'll also have the option to reduce the size of the neck section to help prevent dog's from backing out of their harness.

Because the Tiny Perfect Fit Harness is made up of 2 separate pieces, you are able to change parts of the harness at any time. For example, you may want to change the top section to a high visibility colour during the darker months. As your dog grows there may be need to change one section, therefore decreasing the expense of a whole new harness and allowing you to keep what is sure to be a wonderful asset to your walking life with your dog.

Harness Girth  
Perfect Fit Harness Tiny 24 cm's to 40 cm's For tiny puppies and dogs
Perfect Fit Harness 15mm 27 cm's to 59 cm's Small dogs (not suitable for strong pullers)
Perfect Fit Harness 20mm 45 cm's to 86 cm's Small strong dogs and medium to large sized dogs
Perfect Fit Harness 40mm 64 cm's to 122 cm's For very strong pullers and large and giant breeds

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