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This is the base section only of the 15mm Perfect Fit Harness, made up of a combined front and girth.

This product is intended for those that already have a complete Perfect Fit Harness 15mm or you require a combined front and girth section of the harness to go with a top.

The base comes in black with a D-ring on the front for use with a double ended lead.

Part Colour Size
Base Black 8, 10, 12
For further advice on sizes for your dog, please see the Perfect Fit Harness Breed Size Guide

 Girth size when combined with a 15mm Top

Base  XXS Top XS Top
Size 8 37 - 49 cms 39 - 51 cms
Size 10 41 - 52 cms 43 - 54 cms
Size 12 48 - 61 cms 50 - 63 cms


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