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The idea behind the Dog Magic is for your dog to dislodge the removable bones in order to access hidden treats giving your dogs hours of fun and stimulation.

You may choose to put treats under one, several or all of the bones depending upon the dog’s experience and enthusiasm for the game. Each bone has a small hole to allow the scent of the treat to pass through and encourage him to use and develop his extraordinary sense of smell. With a little practice, they will soon learn to discriminate which bones do and do not reap rewards. By switching the location of the treat, you can encourage them to really focus and use his nose to seek out the hidden treasures!

The Dog Magic has been designed by Nina Ottosson as an interactive game for you and your dog to play together. To ensure safety, the durable plastic has no sharp edges, is non-toxic and easy to clean. Full instructions on how to use the Dog Tornado are included.

Benefits of the Nina Ottosson Dog Smart

  • Tough and hard wearing plastic with no sharp edges to ensure safety.
  • Water and slobber proof, no matter how excited your dog is trying to solve the challenge of the Dog Smart.
  • Anti-slip feet to prevent the Dog Smart moving during play time.
  • Encourages your dog to think and helps to prevent boredom.

Difficulty Level: 1

Great for introducing your dog to treat training games, this Level 1 dog game gets your dog interested in games and prepares your them for more exciting and challenging puzzles to come.

Size: 27 cms diameter x 3.5 cms height



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