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The Dog Pyramid Small by Nina Ottosson is a treat feeding dog toy that works to challenge, treat and train your dog through solo fun and learning. This durable, interactive treat dispenser is wacky and unpredictable and there’s no telling which way this fun toy will go. Each time your dog moves/knocks the pyramid with their paw or nose, they are rewarded by the release of a dog treat through the hole at the top.

The Dog Pyramid is weighted at the bottom to ensure it always self-rights to a vertical position, no matter how enthusiastic the game. It can easily be filled with dry kibble or treats through the top entry hole and you can make it harder for them by increasing the size of the treats you use.

Watch as your dog works their way through playful movements and techniques to release and eat their tasty treats.

The Dog Pyramid Small has been designed by Nina Ottosson as an interactive game for you and your dog to play together. Do not leave your dog to play alone with it or to chew the Dog Pyramid itself.

Available is two sizes:

Size   Height   Width
Dog Pyramid Large   17 cms   12 cms
Dog Pyramid Small   12 cms   8 cms

Benefits of the Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid Small for Dogs:

  • Occupies and stimulates your dog.
  • Made from tough durable material.
  • Releases food and treats.
  • Rounded edges to ensure safety of your dog and your furniture.

Difficulty Level: 2

A step up from the Level 1 Nina Ottosson dog puzzles, this moderately challenging dog game entertains and excites your dog by releasing treats through nuzzling and pawing at this fun Dog Pyramid.



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