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Mikki Clikka

The Mikki Clikka is a dog training clicker specially designed to provide your dog with a positive and consistent sound…

Mikki Cotton Glove for all Coats

The Mikki Cotton Gloves are a specially designed textured glove with circular protrusions that cause friction between the glove and…

Mikki Deluxe Training Treat Bag

The Mikki Deluxe Training Treat Bag is ideal for dog training, keeping your treats in easy reach and without having…

Mikki Easy Grooming Anti Tangle Comb for Short/Fine Coats

The Mikki Easy Grooming Anti-Tangle Comb for Short / Fine Coats has been designed with maximum comfort in mind for…

Mikki Easy Grooming Coat Scissors

Mikki Easy Grooming Coat Scissors have extra strong, heat treated blades with micro-serrated edges to make them long lasting and…

Mikki Target Stick

The Mikki Target Stick is a highly effective dog training aid. It is an extendible stick with a red ball…

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