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Kruuse Pet-Flex Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m) are high quality bandages will not stick to fur, skin or hair and provide controlled compression with non-slip support to secure and protect primary dressing from dirt and moisture.

Pet-flex bandages are sweat and water-resistant, maintain their original size and will not shrink on the roll or your dog.

  • Hand tear. No need for scissors.
  • Completely self-adhesive. Needs no other form of fastening.
  • Does not stick to the hair or fur of your dog.
  • Easy to remove with scissors.
  • Great strength, durability and elasticity.

Assorted colours/designs.

Size: 7.5 cm's width and 4.5 m's long

Important: All bandages should be applied carefully so as not to restrict the blood circulation.

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