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The KONG Snugga Wubba Large is the ultimate comfort toy and your puppy's or dog's best friend. Made of a plush thick fleece which covers two rubber balls. The Large Snugga Wubba dog toy also has extra long tails to make it easy to be able to pickup and throw and have interactive fun with your dog. Once they are tired out, they can go off to bed and snuggle up to their Snugga Wubba.

The Large Kong Snugga Wubba is approximately: 12.5 inches / 32 cm's

Available in three sizes (colours vary):

Size Body Total length with tail
Small Kong Snugga Wubba 4 inches / 10 cm's 9 inches / 13 cm's
Large Kong Snugga Wubba 5 inches / 13 cm's 12.5 inches / 32 cm's
Extra Large Kong Snugga Wubba 6 inches / 15 cm's 16 inches / 41 cm's

Benefits of the Large Kong Snugga Wubba

  • Thick plush fleece which dogs love to cuddle up to.
  • Supersoft for long chewing or tugging games without hurting their mouths.
  • Non-squeaky to save your ears.

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