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Safestix are an excellent invention, designed to help redirect your dogs’ away from harmful and potentially damaging sticks. Many dogs’ have a natural desire to pick up sticks and either carry them or try to instigate play, but the dangers associated with sticks is so great, that it is highly advisable not to encourage it.

The force in which dogs’ run towards any play item can be great and often the dog in question is not aware of anything other than the need to ‘fetch’ or ‘pounce’ or whatever takes their fancy. When sticks are included in play they can damage the mouth, they can get caught between the teeth, if chewed, small shards will be swallowed and can cause blockages or pierce the inner parts of a dogs’ mouth/throat.

The large Safestix dog toy is a great plastic throw stick alternative to real sticks for any large dog that loves toys!

Colours may vary.

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Benefits of the Large KONG Safestix

  • Longer than any existing dog toys of their type.
  • Made from tough, non-toxic rubber.
  • Textured to maintain your dogs interest.
  • Rounded at the ends to prevent lodging in soft ground.
  • Great for throwing and fetching.
  • Brightly coloured to make it easier for your dog, or for you, to find.
  • And they float.
Size Length
Small KONG Safestix 30 cm's
Medium KONG Safestix 50 cm's
Large KONG Safestix 70 cm's



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