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In the UK, as per the Control of Dogs Order 1992, you must have a dog tag on your dog. Even though it is the law, if your dog were to go missing, a dog tag helps to get you re-united with your dog.

Lots of dogs do like to play though and their tags take quite a battering from wind, rain, snow, sand, mud, the sea, muddy puddles etc., therefore you need to hard wearing tag that lasts.

Below are a selection of tags that we offer. All tags shown come with free engraving and free delivery. Select the type and size of tag you want, select the design and in some cases the colour, and then enter the information you wish to put onto your dogs tag.

We do recommend that you at least have your name and address (including postcode) and your telephone number. For more information, please see our Dog Tags and the Law article.

Approximate sizes of the Red Dingo Dog Tags:

Small 2 cm's (1 inch)
Medium 3 cm's (1 1/4 inches)
Large 4 cm's (1 1/2 inches)
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