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Hollings Beefy Bites are the premium meat cuts from the bone which is then air dried. A perfect option to use in training as food rewards or as a treat.

No two packs are the same, each pack contains varied sizes, some will be perfectly sized to offer your dog food rewards in any situation or the larger sizes as a real treat as and when you wish to offer them one.

This high valued food is sure to perk up the fussiest of noses and are excellent value too!

Comes in a resealable bag to make it easy to take some out when you need them.

Size: 250g

Origin: 100% Air Dried Beef

Analysis: Protein 55%, Oil 17%, Fibre 1.5%, Ash 7%, Moisture 8%

To be used as a complementary dog food/treat.

Store in cool, dry conditions.


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