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The Puppy Coachies Treat Bag is ideal for training purposes or walks.

This dog treat bag can be attached easily to any trouser, belt or pocket and has a closable drawstring to keep dog treats fresh. Puppy Coachies Treat Bag's also feature a special pouch for a clicker or poo bags. Rather than having pockets full of treats, or in some cases losing treats when a dog decides to help themselves while your back is turned, these dog treat bags make it easy to carry your treats and get to them easily - very important when rewarding your dog where timing is key during training.

Also available in black as the Coachies Treat Bag.

Benefits of the Puppy Coachies Treat Bag

  • Easy access to your dog treats without fumbling around in your pockets.
  • Closable drawstring to keep dogs noses out and the treats in.
  • Easily attached via belt clip or ring attachment.
  • Rainproof so you do not end up with a mess after a walk in the rain.
  • Pouch for a clicker.
  • Made from washable fabric for easy cleaning.

Size: 10 cm diameter x 16 cm deep (approximate)


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