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The 10m Long Line is specifically designed to aid with recall dog training as well as stays and waits. The long line combines security and safety with freedom. Even if you dog gets distracted while you are training them and decides to run off, you are safe in the knowledge that you have control to stop them.

The Long Line is also an ideal tool to give controlled socialisation for puppies and young dogs.

The 5m CLIX Long Line is ideal for puppies and smaller dogs and the 10m CLIX Long Line for all other dogs.

  • Soft padded webbing
  • Great for recall training
  • Two lengths available (5m & 10m)

Made from special soft, black padded webbing, the Long Line is available in two lengths, 5m & 10m, to suit individual needs.

We do recommend you use this product with a harness such as a Perfect Fit Harness rather than a collar.



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