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Clicker Training

Clicker training helps to train a dog by clicking at the exact moment your dog is doing something you want them to do, helping them to understand what you are asking of them.

By clicking correctly, the "click" indicates to your dog that a training exercise has been done correctly.

Cato Board

The Cato Board is the perfect piece of equipment for teaching the all-important cue of place training. The Cato Board was…

CLIX Treat Bag

A must for the fashion-conscious dog trainer, CLIX Treat Bags have many useful features. A wide opening allows easy access…

Coachies Treat Bag Puppy

The Puppy Coachies Treat Bag is ideal for training purposes or walks. This dog treat bag can be attached…

Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Training Pouch

The Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is designed for the owner who wants a larger bag and lots of…

Helsitar Pro Training Pockets

Helsitar Pro Training Pockets are handcrafted in Finland and are designed for use all year round for dog training or…

i-Click Clicker

i-Click™ was designed by the clicker trainers at KPCT to provide the next generation tool for clicker training. A Quiet Click.…

Mikki Deluxe Training Treat Bag

The Mikki Deluxe Training Treat Bag is ideal for dog training, keeping your treats in easy reach and without having…

Mikki Target Stick

The Mikki Target Stick is a highly effective dog training aid. It is an extendible stick with a red ball…

Teardrop Clicker

The teardrop shaped clicker is constructed with a stainless steel clicking element that will not rust.  With an ergonomic design…

Terry Ryan Clik Stik

The Terry Ryan Clik Stik is an all-in-one clicker and retractable target stick, perfect for trick and target training! Terry Ryan…

Terry Ryan Treat Bag

    The Terry Ryan Treat Pouch™ features a super-strong hinge that stays open for easy access to food or toys. In…

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