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Agility with your dog is great fun. Whether you do it at home or at a club, your dog gets exercise, you get exercise, they get to challenge their brains and to top it off you are also having a fun training session with your dog.

The agility equipment listed below is lightweight and can easily be packed up into its own carry case so you can take it to the local park, to the beach, use it in the garden or even take it when you go to see relatives just to show them how good Fido is.

For more information about Agility, please see our Dog Agility article.


Rosewood Agility Hoop Jump

The Rosewood Agility Hoop Jump set contains a hoop or tyre jump for sticking into the ground. Quick to assemble…

Rosewood Agility Hurdle

The Rosewood Agility Hurdle set contains a hurdle or jump for sticking into the ground. Quick to assemble and easy…

Rosewood Agility Slalom

The Rosewood Agility Slalom set contains 5 slalom or weave poles for sticking into the ground to create a set…

Rosewood Agility Tunnel

The Rosewood Agility Tunnel set contains a flat tunnel (rigid entrance and collapsible exit) and pegs for securing into the…

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